Mountain Rescue: Three separate incidents over the space of six hours.

A mountain rescue team was called to help three people in separate incidents over the space of six hours.

Cleveland Mountain Rescue Team was first called to a mountain biker who collided with a tree in Guisborough Forest, injuring his chest, on Sunday.

There were then two separate incidents of walkers slipping and suffering leg injuries on a footpath at Hasty Bank above Great Broughton, North Yorkshire.

A team spokesman described three call-outs in one day as “very unusual”. He said the total number of incidents the team attended last year was 61, and there were 74 the previous year.

The mountain biker, a 55-year-old man from Guisborough, had managed to walk towards the edge of the forest before he collapsed in pain at about 13:00 GMT. He was treated at the scene before being transported on a specialised mountain rescue stretcher to one of the team’s Land Rover ambulances

The second call-out – which came as the team was restocking its equipment – was to a 45-year-old woman from Northallerton who slipped on a moorland footpath about 300m from the car park at Hasty Bank.

A short time later, a 75-year-old man from Stockton also fell nearby, injuring his leg. The team said due to his age and condition he was airlifted to hospital. Pete Mounsey, from the team, said: “Three call-outs in one day is very unusual, and two within sight of each other is unique.

“It was good to see how well the team coped, all the training kicked in.”